Delivery Information

Thanks for taking an interest in My Doggy & Me and being interested in placing an order, Arnie and I both really do appreciate that - if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, we're more than happy to help you.

How Long Will My Delivery Take?

The usual processing of your order will take around 1-2 days, with an estimated expected delivery time between 1-3 weeks depending on your region and where you live.

Why Can't It Be Quicker?

I built My Doggy & Me with very little money, so the entire business is to provide you with the highest quality Dog products, for an incredibly good price. In order to do this, I have spent thousands on testing a ton of products, to guarantee the items you receive once ordering are to a high quality. This meaning, at this moment in time I can't afford a warehouse and the cost to hold, and or purchase stock available on My Doggy & Me. The decision to do this allows us to provide you with fantastic products, whilst undercutting the majority of larger competitors - it's a win win really!

Will I Get Tracking Information?

Yes, you will indeed. You may need to be a little patient, as each delivery company we use updates tracking information differently.